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Sound is half the experience

   Our Music   


Chillstep / Future Bass


Future Bass

High Energy

Acoustic Lo-fi


© 2020 UNIK Media. All Rights Reserved. 

If want to listen to more of the music we have produced, then make sure to watch some of the commercial work we have done.

When producing a movie or a video, the visual side is only half the experience. This means that the movie or video can be completely ruined if the music or sound design is not in sync with the visuals.

At UNIK Media we produces our own music. This way, we can create a completely custom tune that fits perfect with the product we and our clients had in mind. 
This also lowers our cost, by cutting out unnecessary and confusing licensing sites.

Because we produce a piece of music for your unique project, YOU have 100% of

the rights to the piece, and therefore have the possibility to reuse as much as you like.

Want to see more?

Why dont you check out some of the graphics we've done as well? 

Or maybe you have some questions, thoughts or ideas you want to have a casual talk about.