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Music Videos


When creating a Music Video it is very important to illustrated with the video the same message as the artist intented. 
That is why we make sure to work closely with the artist through the whole process, from the planning to the post production.
We make sure the video is unique and branded as the artist wants.

Concerts & Festivals

Concerts and festivals often create memories for the audience and visitors they'll never forget. But it is also important to show the people who couldn't attend this event. With a recap video form a concert the artist is able to show their following what an amazing experience it is to attend such events. These events can also be used to promote upcoming concerts, tours, or even music videos.



Events offen go by in a rush and before you know, it is in the past. What we have done for these listed events is to make a recap video, for the staff, guests and followers to look back at.

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