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   Logo design   


by Gustav Lautrup

For this project our graphic designer was asked to design a logo for new underwater restaurant in Aarhus, Denmark. The creators had an idear about drawing inspiration from the cold but beautiful northpole.

When designing/re-designing a logo it is important for us that it can reflect your company as much as possible. After a good talk with the client, we deliver aound 2-3 different idears, and if the clinets has some changes or new idears we will make sure to fufill them as good as possible.

If you need a new logo or a fresh take on your current logo, let's get together and find a solution.


   Flyers & Posters   

For events, giveaways or store openings it is often helpful to have some unique and beautiful graphics in the form of posters, flyers, ect.

As seen further down, our graphic designer has listed two different examples. This is done in a very unique and scandinavian like style to exceed our clients needs.


If you are in need of some graphics in any form, make sure to write or give us a call, and we will do our best to fulfill your expectations. 

Want to see more?

Why dont you check out some of the commercial work we've done as well? 

Or maybe you have some questions, thoughts or ideas you want to have a casual talk about. 

Mail:    mj@unikmedia.dk

Tlf:       +45 21 13 22 80

CVR:    40333681

Primarily we are based in Aarhus, Denmark. But we are more than willing to travel this beautiful world to fulfill your dream project.

Helsingforsgade 27

8200 Aarhus N


Contact us!

If you are in need of some creative and professionel content, or you just have a crazy idea, we are certain we can help you and your business. 

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