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Who is UNIK Media

We are passionated about delivering unique and creative material for our clients, whether it is videos, pictures or graphics,  to ensure that our clients can stand out from competitors and achieve the wanted results and visibility even in the saturated markets

The intension and goal for us, is to have an easy and stress free approach before, during and after the creation of a project, by being able to offer the client everything needed for a certain project as well as guiding through the whole process. We believe that a company cant be succesful without customer service as the number one priority.

UNIK Media is creative production company with the intention and passion of creating long lasting promotional content and films for brands, artist and public figures. 

UNIK Media was founded in the beginning of 2019 however we hold years of experience in the the industry.

Copyright Free Music

For every project we make we have our produceres make a unique and professionel soundtrack. They have years of experience in music development and know how to create the perfect vibes to fit in with your brand, or your event. 
By taking this part of the filmmaking process in our own hands, we cut out all the stress and confusion of dealing with the copyright and usability for promotion and so on.

Click here if you want to know more or listen to some of our music.

Certified Dronepilots

To ensure that we can get all the needed and unique for your project, we have an EU certified dronepilot in our team. This means that whether your project is in the beautiful nature or in the urban cityscapes, we can get the permissions and permits needed.

Feel free to contact us about how we can achieve your droneshots.

Lightning Fast Delivery

For events and concerts it is important to have your content fast, before your costumers and visitors move on in their busy everyday life.

We make sure that you have your project before this happens. 
Although for longer and more in depth commercials we ask you to allow 7 days for us to finish your project. Of course this process can be shortened if necessary, but for the best possible result we would recommend to stick to the above.

Creative Thinking

Our team consists of a bunch of creative an innovative talents who have been working together for some time, and know each others strengths as well as weaknesses.

This means that we have the ability to create an outstanding and unique project to make sure your brand can stand out from the rest. 

We have often seen thea result of this in he form of viral marketing. With a unique and creative video, its more likely for your audience to share the video which in long terms generates more leads. 

Stress Free Expericene

To achieve the most smooth and stress free experience as possible, we make sure to guide our clients through the whole process with ease.
From how we plan out the project to how to get the best possible distribution of your project, we have the solution.
Every part of the process is equally important to achieve the best result and the expected outcome.

4K Video Produktion

To achieve the most professional result possible we shoot every bit of the material in 4k which slowly is becoming the standard resolution of standard resolution of new flagship smartphones, tablets and laptops. This also means that you project can be blown up on a bigger screen for meeting or conventions without it lacking in quality.

Although if your projects main purpose is to live on the Social Media platforms, we recommend that we'll send you a downscaled version, since it makes the video load faster. 

Meet the Team

Managing Director & Co-Founder
Mark Jensen

Mark is the one person you will meet in your life with the lowest-pitched voice which is the consequence of his amazing ability to constantly keep a conversation going. 

On his days off he likes to look at different cars considering whether or not he should switch out the current one.

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Marcus Møldrup
Creative Director & Co-Founder

After years of attempts trying to become the next travel influencer, Marcus has now settled down in Aarhus with his cat, and taking one day at a time.

When he is not working he likes to bring a vintage camera to public places and photograph drunk people in awkward situations. 

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Skærmbillede 2020-07-07 kl. 15.02.56.png
Graphic Designer
Gustav Lautrup

Gustav is a simpel guy. He likes long walks on the beach and spends countless hours drawing small identical lines on his iPad Pro.

In his spare time he is most likely found at the local coffeeshop criticising the baristas poor attempt of latte art. 

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Music Producer
Mads Madsen

Mads was introduced to the world of music in a very early age, and he remembers listening to tina turner and Micheal Jackson while playing with his toys. 
Mads is a fairly simple guy, as long as he has his laptop and some instruments he can spend countless hours int he studio.

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Producer & Songwriter
Mikko Cornelius

With his young age, Mikko had an early entry into the music industry and is now using this advantage to create unique musical pieces.

When he is not locked in the studio, he likes to post intragram storries of his freshly brewed coffee with controversial opinions on the worlds biggest problems.

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Søren Østergaard
Key Account Manager

After yeas of working closely together with the legend of Elkjöp, Peder Stedal, Søren has chosen to step into the market of video production.

Søren is a very stylish guy and likes to spend his time off binge watching old James Bond movies while spitting out a 15 year old glass of whiskey.

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